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About CTAL

Churches Together Around Ludlow has a covenant approved by all of its member churches which can be seen below.

Each member church provides one or more Members of the Executive which oversees the operation of CTAL.

Covenant made by the member Churches of Churches Together Around Ludlow:

We the undersigned Churches covenant together to help each other and to work together. We pledge ourselves:
- to worship together when we can and to plan joint acts of worship together
- to recognise each other's patterns of worship borne out of our rich heritage and our seeking of the Holy Spirit today
- to seek to follow the way of Christ in love of neighbour and in service to all
- to seek God's will by prayer and study together
- to recognise our need of God's Grace
- to seek to encourage others to find God in their lives
- to support the poor and marginalised here and throughout the world.
We are mindful that God's Kingdom is built up by
- what God does through each of us working in our own denomination
- what God brings us together to do
- what we do to develop understanding and to build bridges with those of other faiths
We go forward together in the Spirit of Christ to do God's work in this area.
The Baptist Church
The Church of England
The Living Waters Church
The Methodist Church
The Religious Society of Friends
The Roman Catholic Church
[NB. The Elim Christian Fellowship is not a signatory to this Covenant but is regarded as having associate status.]


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