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Ludlow Under Pressure

Hands Together Annual Report - December 2014
This report can be read Here

Ludlow Under Continuing Pressure

The  Sermon on Ludlow Under Continuing Pressure can be found Here

Ludlow Food Bank  2014 - Statistical report by Ruth Davies - Please share with anyone and everyone
The report can be read, dowloaded or copied HERE

Our food bank was set up purely as a way to show God's love to people in need. There was no political agenda.
It stemmed from a desire to follow Biblical instructions, and to feed the poor. The huge support of this scheme,
and the compassion that has been shown continues to point to this as being a work of God.

(Posted 7th January 2015)

Hope in troubled times?

A follow up to the 2012 report Ludlow Under Pressure - can be found Here

For additional reading
the original
Ludlow Under Pressure
Report  November 2012
can be found Here


The CTAL Ludlow Under Pressure Statement April 2014 can be found 



This is a new CTAL supported initiative which is being planned as a further response to the CTAL report Ludlow Under Pressure.

Its basic idea is to  offer practical help to financially hard-pressed people in cooking  cheap, nourishing meals ('hot pots'), and to try to provide help in other ways, too. Volunteers are already in training.

A   major launch is being planned for June this year, and the HTL Committee want an eye-catching logo for HTL's work. Members of Ludlow churches and congregations are invited to submit designs - the winner's name to be announced at the launch!

Send logo designs to neilgrichardson@live.co.uk, (chair of HTL Management Committee) 

A couple of examples are shown below:

images_2014/HTL1.gif   images_2014/htl4.gif


PRESS RELEASE dated 28th October 2013 for
Ludlow under Pressure can be found here



‘Ludlow under Pressure’ is the name given to a report of a wide-ranging review of Ludlow’s social needs commissioned by Churches Together Around Ludlow. Prepared by a group drawn from the local churches chaired by Methodist minister the Revd Dr Neil Richardson, the report was published in November 2012.

The report recommends targeting priority help to older people at risk and to young people in the 16-24 age group. The report also recommends increasing the resources given to social and affordable housing and to community transport. Specifically it proposes a day centre for older people, a drop-in centre for teenagers and young adults, and community-based transport schemes.

It highlights that many Ludlow people are feeling the effect of cuts to benefits and services funded by central government and the local authority following the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession, and that some are suffering real hardship as evidenced by the increasing demand for the churches’ food parcels.

The report expresses the hope that it will be a catalyst for change. It points out that we all need to appreciate what is happening and why, and decide how we are going to respond. The wellbeing of our community depends in part on state provision. It also depends on neighbourliness, a sense of belonging, trust between people, and a greater measure of equality. So the report is concerned with what we can all do to improve the quality of life for everyone in our local community in these harsher economic times.

The full report

The report can be accessed on line here. Hard copies can be obtained from any of Ludlow’s churches or by contacting Barry Forrester on 01584 878872.

Links to Press notices

Several press notices have been issued about the report. There can accessed as follows:

·    Press Notice of 16 November 2012 – ‘Social Services at Breaking Point’
·    Press notice of 30 November 2012 – ‘Social need in Ludlow – A call for action’
·    Press notice of 2 April 2013 – ‘Churches address urgent social needs in Ludlow’

Links to further reading

·    ‘A Christian perspective on the current crisis ’ – A paper by the Revd Dr Neil Richardson dated November 2012
·    ‘What the churches are already doing in the Ludlow area – a selection’ – a paper dated October 2012
·    ‘The wider picture: Ludlow, the UK and the world beyond’ – A paper by Sir Michael Day dated April 2013
·    ‘God, the Church and the ‘Bedroom Tax’’ – A sermon preached by the Revd Dr Neil Richardson in Lent 2013